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Welcome to JMorgan Consultants

Specialists in Asset Management, Procurement & Capital Asset Disposal

Turn unused Assets into working Capital

Asset Disposal

We are consultants in
Strategic international disposal of unused capital equipment and other assets that allow our clients to improve working capital 

Let us handle your procurements and manage your supply tenders for better results

Asset Procurement

Save by combined bulk procurement

In a nutshell
On consumables we can bulk buy and repack for our clients utilising the combined purchasing power of our client base
On Capital Equipment we have access to a large local & international database of surplus equipment

  • Procure and deliver surplas capital equiptment from local & global sources
  • Handle complex technical supply tenders on your behalf
  • Procure comsumables in bulk for our clients

Industrial Leasing & Rental Solutions

Off balance sheet finance the samrt way

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Smart Solutions For You

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